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This has been a tough year in my bonsai adventure. Towards the end of last year, I felt like I was starting to get to a point where I was comfortably competent in my skillset. Repotting has become second-nature, I’ve mostly memorized seasonal maintenance timings, my wiring is where I wanted it to be, andContinue reading “Bugpocalypse..”

Choosing a Tree

Choosing a tree is one of the most exciting parts of bonsai. It’s where you get the opportunity to learn about a new type of tree, and also where you get to imagine the specimen that you are hoping to create. I don’t want to get into the super fine details of tree care becauseContinue reading “Choosing a Tree”

Pot a New Bonsai

In very general terms, most new bonsai trees should be potted in early spring. Tropical bonsai trees should be potted in very early summer before the extreme heat starts. Deciduous trees such as elms and maples should be potted before the new leaves break out of their buds. Pines should be potted just as theyContinue reading “Pot a New Bonsai”

Collecting Trees: Prelude

My goal is to learn every aspect of bonsai. I want to learn the art, the horticulture, the specifics of every tree that I can get my hands on, the patience, and finally collecting. Collecting is what’s on my mind right now. Collecting is a massive topic and is considered controversial sometimes. In my headContinue reading “Collecting Trees: Prelude”

Deals and Steals

I’ve got some deals, and some outright steals to show you. This haul came from New England Bonsai Garden’s summer sale. I got to meet the owner Ashley, and he and the crew were more than supportive to our blossoming adventure in Bonsai. Here’s what I came home with: Lets start with a nice littleContinue reading “Deals and Steals”


There is one up-side to killing your trees in pots.. You now have free pots! When I moved into the new place, it came with a bunch of spindly little pines sticking up out of the lawn. Since I had free pots, I decided to make a little forest planting in a (way over-sized) pot.Continue reading “Re-Start”


My first experience with bonsai was at Disney’s EPCOT when I was young. I remember seeing the trees and being amazed. They looked like ancient statues and I wanted one badly. I had no experience growing anything and didn’t even understand that there was horticulture involved at that time though. Many years later, in myContinue reading “Prologue”

Bonsai Adventure

Hello anyone and everyone. Stay tuned for the ups the downs and the adventure of learning and practicing bonsai in NH.

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