The Year of the Upgrades

Bonsai people tend to get a bit carried away with things. It seems to be in the nature of bonsaists. We end up with too many trees, too many pots, go too hard on a collecting trip and need to take a quick “nappy” (this sounds very specific but nevermind), etc. We all seem toContinue reading “The Year of the Upgrades”


This has been a tough year in my bonsai adventure. Towards the end of last year, I felt like I was starting to get to a point where I was comfortably competent in my skillset. Repotting has become second-nature, I’ve mostly memorized seasonal maintenance timings, my wiring is where I wanted it to be, andContinue reading “Bugpocalypse..”

Visiting Black Dodge Bonsai

There are three major parts to visiting Black Dodge Bonsai.  There is the man, the art, and the goods.  I know that everyone wants to hear about the goods, but I’m saving that for last so that you listen to why you really need to make a stop there. Black Dodge Bonsai is a twoContinue reading “Visiting Black Dodge Bonsai”