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The Bonsai Adventures

The Year of the Upgrades

Bonsai people tend to get a bit carried away with things. It seems to be in the nature of bonsaists. We end up with too many trees, too many pots, go too hard on a collecting trip and need to take a quick “nappy” (this sounds very specific but nevermind), etc. We all seem to…

Create a Bonsai: Wire Theory and Application

So you purchased (or placed) a tree in a pot.. Now what? Depending on the season of the year, the type of tree, and the health of the tree, the fastest and most satisfying answer may be to put wire on the branches, and to form the branches into the shapes that you are envisioning.…

Choosing a Tree

Choosing a tree is one of the most exciting parts of bonsai. It’s where you get the opportunity to learn about a new type of tree, and also where you get to imagine the specimen that you are hoping to create. I don’t want to get into the super fine details of tree care because…

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